Duguay-Trouin, a Light Cruiser to arrive as part of Sky Guardian Update

With the recent tweaks of the inclusion of Pantsir-S1 and AH-6M Little Bird Helicopter, now the War Thunder developers announce the addition of the French Navy Light Cruiser Duguay-Trouin. This vessel is set to be unveiled in the upcoming major update, Sky Guardian.

In War Thunder, the little cruiser is French Seawater Vessel and now that the inclusion of Duguay-Trouin has come nearer, the pre-order bonuses are shown up. The pre-order of Duguay-Trouin includes:

  • Duguay-Trouin-class, Duguay-Trouin, 1944 (Rank III, France)
  • 2000 Golden Eagles
  • Premium account for 15 days
  • Pre-order bonus: “Breton corsair” title
  • Pre-order bonus: Corsair decal
  • Pre-order bonus: French cruiser captain portrait

War Thunder says

Duguay-Trouin is the lead ship of her class of light cruisers built for the French navy in the years following the end of World War I. Being not only the first capital ship built by France in the postwar period, Duguay-Trouin will also be one of the first French vessels to arrive in War Thunder as part of the “Sky Guardians” major update!

Duguay-Trouin is a very well-equipped vehicle achieving a speed of 61 KM/hr. Even though the vitals of 30 mm of armor plating, however, the vessel is still vulnerable to direct destroyer fire. Therefore, it is a good choice to use it as a mere supporting medium.

The light cruiser Duguay-Trouin is available as a part of the early access pack for open testing, with a planned release with Sky Guardian Update. The early access pack will provide special bonuses available only before Open Beta Test (OBT).

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