Birdsona Creator: Create Your Own Angry Birds

Birdsona Creator is an Angry Birds Maker Tool that provides users to make their own angry birds depending on their imagination. Almost everyone has played Rovio games at least once in their lifetime. The best way to refresh those gaming memories is via creating the perfect angry birds that we have wanted.

Birdsona Creator – Create Your Own Angry Birds

Get in touch with your inner Angry Bird and create a custom character below. Choose from a selection of body types, features, and accessories to make the perfect bird, then download your creation and share it with your friends!


  • Hats (4 varieties)
  • Eyes (12 varieties)
  • Body (4 varieties)
  • Beak (12 varieties)
  • Set Backdrop
  • Accessories

How to Create Your Own Angry Birds

Angry Birds
Angry Birds

Using features along with various colors combination leads to unique angry birds to share with friends. Currently, only 4 birds are available to modify and soon we can expect all collections to this tool. Also, Company expects to share these birds on social media platforms to show love towards childhood games. Here is an Angry Maker Tool called Birdsona Creator from Rovio.

If you are an artist, you can submit impressive fan art to an official site that can possibly be listed in featured art. Hope players can try out all types of ideas summoning new birds of kinds.

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