Clash of Clans: Top 3 Single Spacing Spells

Clash of Clans has seen some frequent changes in its army composition where it introduced multiple in-game mechanisms. Spells like the Bat and invisible Spell are the latest inclusions that significantly changed the strategies of the Clash of Clans players.

As the given are single-spacing spells, they can formidably contribute to the winning attacks and challenges.

Clash of Clans: Top Dark Spells

Bat Spell

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Bat Spell Being added lately in Clash of Clans, they have been rarely used by players throughout the multiplayer and war battles. Bat Spell summons an army of bats up to 22 units at its maximum level. Another advantage is its high damage area that leads to mass destruction within a few seconds.

In addition, the Spell does not trigger traps like air bombs, air mines, or tornadoes. This upper hand helps players to use attack strategies like Bat Spam which includes taking off multiple targeted defenses by deploying multiple bat spells at a single place. This is a winning strategy if well versed with the given Spell.

Apart from the given strengths, Multiple targeted inferno towers, wizard towers, and scatter shots are threats to bats. This might be one of the reasons making players use this spell less often. Players can try out different strategies if they haven’t tried them out yet. The spell can even be of high output in clan games.

Invisible Spell

Invisibility Spell
Invisibility Spell (Image via Clash of Clans)

Invisible Spell is a unique spell that temporarily imperceptible both air and ground troops over the special spherical range for a few seconds. This not only helps to avoid damage for a prolonged time but also gives a boost to the whole attacking unit.

However, unlike the other spells, invisible spells affect and provide an advantage to defenses as well. When used, not only the troops but surrounding buildings are invisibled which makes troops target defenses that are away from spell range.

Invisible Spell is among the most critical spells that players use when progressing to a higher town hall. TH13 and TH14 seem to use Invisible Spell frequently for war attacks. At its max level, the invisible spells can actively work for 4.5 seconds on everything except walls and siege machines. Being Dark Spell, players tend to use it quite well due to its low housing space of 1 unit only.

Earthquake Spell

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Earthquake Spell is one of the Dark Spells capable of dealing frequent damage to enemy bases. Earthquake Spell is commonly used to destroy walls. Its impact on walls is so fierce that even max-level walls can’t withstand 4 consecutive earthquake spells. It provides a funnel path towards the inside of the base for group troops.

Unlike the Invisible spell, the earthquake Spell is a favorite choice of lower town hall players. The journey of trophy pushing starts from TH8 with the GoWiWa attack where Earthquake spells are must use in the army compositions.

Final Thoughts

Dark spells have been part of the game for years but the addition of new spells has been quite a rare thing. Haste and Posion spell too play important role in deciding the course of attack and even getting 3 stars in most cases. There is always a need and recommendation for a good combination of troops with spells along with heroes and their pets for successful attacks.


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