Clash of Clans: Clan Games March 2023 Rewards and Details

Clash Of Clans Color Fest Season is still live. Upcoming events include Painter Champion Challenge and Clan Games March 2023. Here is complete information on the reward list for Clan Games coming in this month. Also, how-to guides and tips are provided for better performance to rank at the top of the leaderboard.

Clan Games March 2023

Clan Games is a monthly event that strikes the whole clasher community and fills each village with lots of books, hammers, and magical items. Clan Games will last from 22 to 28 March with maximum points of 4,000 per person. In order to unlock all tier rewards, the overall balance of the clan should be more than 50,000 points.

Clan Games Reward List

Tier 1

  • 20% gold resources
  • 20 gems
  • Clock potion ×1

Tier 2

  • 30% elixir resources/ resource potion ×1
  • Obstacle shovel ×1
  • Training potion ×1

Tier 3

  • Wall Rings ×4
  • Super potion ×2
  • Gems ×40

Tier 4

  • 80% gold resources
  • Builder potion ×1
  • Hero potion ×1

Tier 5

  • 100% elixir resources
  • Wall Rings ×8
  • Research potion ×2

Tier 6

  • Book of heroes ×1
  • Rune of gold ×1
  • Gems ×100

Way forward

In this Color Fest Season, we have come across Painter Warden, Painter Queen, and Painter King challenge in recent weeks. With Clan Games, the season ends and the journey of the new season starts with a new theme. Keep growing your home village and be ready for Builder Base 2.0 update which is coming soon to rock your mind.

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