War Thunder update to feature new locations, Bo 105 and a battler

Gaijin Entertainment has revealed some tweaks to the War Thunder update, and the main body of features are introductions of new maps, a multi-purpose helicopter Bo 105, and a lightweight battler IJN Nenohi.

The update shows that the game saw the first flight of Bo 105, a multi-purpose helicopter developed by Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm.

War Thunder Helicopter Bo 105
War Thunder Helicopter Bo 105

The other introduction apart from the maps is Nenohi, a lightweight battler, armed with deadly weapons like cannons and torpedos. Nenohi will start surfacing the seas in War Thunder with the upcoming update.

Features of Nenohi

  • Deadly firepower
  • Satisfying mobility
  • Premium Bonuses
  • Modest anti-air arsenal
  • Light protection

While these two features are not as big as the location introductions. The game will start noticing new locations in the game after the development phase is completed.

The new locations are:

  • Pyrenees
  • Winter “Seversk-14”
  • Snowy “Ardennes”
  • “Maginot Line” in Winter

The official blog post statesFirst work-in-progress images of the new locations” which will be released with the War Thunder update. The update might be released along with the file Structure optimization update.


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