War Thunder Upcoming Update to add AH-6M Little Bird Helicopter

Following the release of the Sky Guardian teaser, the War Thunder is all set to include AH-6M Little Bird, an attack helicopter, featuring a lethal arsenal of weapons.

Sky Guardian is an upcoming major update to surface on War Thunder. The release date of the esteemed update is not yet announced. The trailer offers a comprehensive glimpse of the game, featuring gameplay and cutscenes and highlighting the various activities about to feature on the battlefield.

Among all, the inclusion of AH-6M Little Bird, a special force attack helicopter is worth noticing. The helicopter also called The Little Bird is one of the lightest compact helicopters, adding huge input with its high mobile abilities. The developers mention it as one of the most efficient helicopters, which allows the user instantly maneuvers perfectly and swiftly hide behind trees and buildings or duck in the terrain.

Features of AH-6M

War Thunder - AH-6M Helicopter
War Thunder – AH-6M Helicopter
  • Perfect handling and speed
  • Thermal vision
  • Hellfire II missiles
  • Very vulnerable
  • Good for Combat Tactic
  • High-caliber machine gun pods
  • APKWS II missiles

Apart from the features, the AH-6M is vulnerable to attacks from heavy machine guns and multi-cannons. The reason for disadvantage of Helicopters is their design, having no protection for the rotor, engine, or for pilot either.

Given that the AH-6M is officially declared by War Thunder, however, there will be more vehicles that will run on the field after the major update of 2023.


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