War Thunder File Structure Optimisation Will Speed-Up Installation

War Thunder is set to go undergo major changes in the file structure, which will increase installation speed and reduce the download sizes. The update is already planned, and will soon go live.

War Thunder is a multiplayer vehicular combat game, developed by Gaijin Entertainment. The game features many military modes like tanks, aircraft, and ships, for which players clash to unlock.

In short: the new file structure will speed up the installation of updates on your computers and consoles, as well as reduce the size of download files!

The official blog post of War Thunder mentions that the transformation will alter heavy files into small volumes. This is a single agenda of restriction, it mentions.

In addition to this, there will be frequent updates for the game. Meanwhile, War Thunder’s bandwidth is saved, enabling players with slow Internet connections on Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox versions. Players with SSD will see no change in load time, while HDD devices surely will notice a slight increase in load time.

In following updates, the volume of traffic for consoles and the Steam client will be significantly reduced compared to the current file structure.

The featured restructuring will be aired in the game with the next major update. Still, most of the provisions are still under development and are subject to change. As per War Thunder, more information will be announced soon.


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