Top 10 Must-Try Spells in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is an action role-playing game that every fan of Harry Potter ever dreamt of. The game not just revolves around the main three protagonists as the players are given the liberty to even hunt for all bitter truths and secrets in Hogwarts.
Players will continue to grow along with the character they choose and master various spells. When it comes to the spells, there are numerous ones that are worthy enough to use. Here are 10 spells that live up to their names.

Incredible Spells in Hogwarts Legacy

Disillusionment Charm

Disillusionment Charm spell
Disillusionment Charm spell (Hogwarts Legacy)

Disillusionment Charm disguises the caster with surroundings, making him/her invisible for a time being. The spell does the exact same thing as the Invisibility Cloak did in Harry Potter. It can be used to spy on enemies, gather intel, or even to get closer to the target and cast an offensive spell. To achieve its full efficiency, players will need to upgrade talents and abilities.

Petrificus Totalus

Petrificus Totalus
Petrificus Totalus spell, Hogwarts Legacy

Petrificus Totalus is a body-binding curse that temporarily paralyzes the enemy units when cast. The curse can effectively be used along with the Disillusionment Charm. Petrificus Totalus and Glacius might seem to do the same thing, but in this curse, the victim completely loses his movement ability. In such instances t he unit is endangered by the enemies.


Glacius spell, Hogwarts Legacy

Glacius is a freezing spell that freezes the target and blasts with red-green effects. The curse can effectively be used against the high damage dealing units like Dragon that spits Fire. The spell is not merely limited to frosting them, it even induces some side effects. Casting Glacius slows down enemy movement, attacking speed, and reaction time as well. If used properly, even the deadly enemies will be at a vulnerable stage towards the attacks we do.


Confringo Spell
Confringo Spell (Hogwarts Legacy)

Confringo, also known as the Blasting Curse is a highly impactful spell that deals heavy damage by victimizing a number of targets. Some might prefer the Incindio rather than the Confringo due to the fire-scorching ability, still, the Confringo might be a good choice for lethal damages.


Accio Spell
Accio Spell (Image via Hogwarts Legacy)

Accio can rightly be considered a summoning spell. Accio does much more than just merely summoning the objects like the Flying Broomstick, book, or the class of water to wake up a friend. The Incindio or the Confringo spells can be powerfully used with the assistance of the esteemed summoning spell.

Accio is a good medium to reduce the gaps between the objects, reducing the distance from the target. The enemies can be pulled towards you, exposing them and dealing destruction.

Ancient Magic Finisher

Spell in Hogwarts Legacy
Spell in Hogwarts Legacy

Ancient Magic Finishers use two types of attacks on a target. In the first scenario, it summons the strikes of lightning, victimizing the unit. Meanwhile, the second one seems a little aggressive and keeps on slamming the goblin on the ground. However the spell has some limitations to use, likewise, it turns on only when the target is low on the health bar.


Crucio Spell
Crucio Spell (Hogwarts Legacy)

It is without a doubt that this spell can be considered a form of torture. The victim after being cast with the spell suffers through intense physical pain and is subjected to reduced movements and abilities. Although it may have been one of the spells for Lord Voldemort in his hound to harm Harry Potter, it is nonetheless a dangerous and lethal curse.


Imperio spell
Imperio spell (Hogwarts Legacy)

Imperio, Crucio, and Avara Kedavra are the three unforgivable curses in the novel. Imperio enables the caster to take control over the victim and force it to fight against its own allies. Considering the use of the spell in such situations where we are outnumbered by the enemy forces. The complete takeover of movements indeed adds high output in battle arenas.

Avara Kedavra

Avara Kedavra
Avara Kedavra spell (Image via Hogwarts Legacy)

The most anticipated curse in the communities of Harry Potter is a killing curse called Avara Kedavra. It is the same curse that is used by Bellatricks Lestrange, Severus Snape, and Lord Voldemort. There is not even a need to explain the intensity of the curse. The spell is capable of killing almost every target if cast properly. Even the high hitpoint units like the Beasts can’t resist Avara Kedavra. The spell in itself is lethal, however, the upgrade might be a good move.

Hogwarts Legacy is an action role-playing game developed by Avalanche Software and published by Warner Bros, available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.


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