PUBG Mobile releases BanPan Report, suspends 400k accounts

PUBG Mobile has released a BanPan report, mentioning it suspended 408,408 accounts and 7,566 devices this week. In addition, 22,798 online cheat ads are being removed from various platforms. This is a weekly report by the game developers, and the esteemed report is from 2/3 – 2/9.

PUBG Mobile being an online multiplayer game is not resistant to cheat codes. In order to maintain fair gameplay, Krafton is working on this matter via BanPan.

PUBG Mobile – BanPan Report

As mentioned 7,566 devices and 408,408 accounts are terminated, there are from given leagues.

  • Bronze: 27%
  • Silver: 13%
  • Gold: 10%
  • Diamond: 7%
  • Platinum: 8%
  • Ace: 26%
  • Crown: 8%
  • Conqueror: 1%

By having a glance at this data, it is clear that even the top-class players are engaged in unethical practices to hit the high tier. The Bronze league sees the highest of cases (27%), while the Ace stands next to it with 26%.

Cheats banned by BanPan

  • X-ray vision: 27%
  • Speed Hack: 2%
  • Auto-aim hack: 27%
  • Modification of area damage: 30%
  • other hacks: 14%

Apart from suspending accounts and devices, PUBG Mobile even removed online cheating videos.

  • Facebook: 195 pages and groups with 314,260 followers
  • Instagram: 8,957 accounts with 2.953,249 followers
  • TikTok: 12,523 videos with 707,295,175 views
  • YouTube: 1,123 videos with 790,215 views

According to the PUBG Corporation, the players acting dishonestly or unfairly to get an advantage over other players are subject to the ban. The online cheating complaint can be filed here.

PUBG is a free-to-play multiplayer battle royale game developed by LightSpeed & Quantum Studio and is available for IOS and Android.


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