Lords Mobile Celebrates 7th Anniversary, Featuring New Events and Gifts

Lords Mobile celebrates 7 year anniversary with its lords and ladies. On this special occasion, new events will sequentially be taking place providing free gifts as well as multiple rewards. Lords Mobile was first released on 25 July 2013 and keeps on entertaining gamers to this date.

From the creators of Lord Mobile, IGG.com released The Ultimate Clash which is a short film depicting a long story leading disastrous victory of a game. Each player has a chance to redeem special anniversary gifts for limited time intervals.

How to claim Lords Mobile’s 7th anniversary Free Gifts

Once Lords Mobile activates the redemption site, players are free to collect their own gifts. What’s inside those boxes still remains a mystery and will be uncovered very soon. There are high possibilities of getting a brand new skin for their lords/ladies or maps. Here are details to redeem those rewards.

  1. Visit the official reward site of IGG.com
  2. The page containing Reward Exchange Centre appears
  3. Enter player name/ player id based on your convenience
  4. Use this gift code: LM7YEARS
  5. Ready to claim rewards
  6. Event duration: 00:00, 02/24 – 23:59, 03/02 (GMT-5)

Lords Mobile Shares Sneak Peak on 7th anniversary

Ahead of time, officials have provided little sneak peeks to keep excitement among their gamers. It includes some fun playing missions and daily activities during the event.

  • Sneak Peaks
  • Daily Login Gifts
  • Transmutation Blessing
  • Stage Blessing
  • Guild Help Bonus
  • Holy Blessing
  • Tycoon Blessing
  • Guild Quest Bonus

Lords Mobile is a video game developed by IGG, and available on various platforms like; Android, iOS, Amazon.com, Microsoft Windows, Fire OS, and iPadOS.


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