Hogwarts Legacy: How to unlock and use Avada Kedavra Spell?

Avada Kedavra is an unforgivable death curse and one of the most powerful spells in the Hogwarts Legacy and even in the Harry Potter series. In a similar manner, Hogwarts Legacy ranks Avada Kedavra as the number 1 spell in terms of its significant damage i.e., instant death. But there is a twist, spell being the game changer it is hard to unlock and master it.

There are specific requirements or multiple missions needed to complete as the main story moves forward. Here is the short answer to your question, it is not much hard to conquer the Avada Kedavra spell once the following points are followed wisely

Here’s How to unlock Avada Kedavra Spell in Hogwarts Legacy

This is a dark magic spell that is capable to finish boss fights within a few seconds. In order to unlock, the player has to complete Sebastian sallow’s quest with a whole new story preceding in a difficult manner. This quest can be completed by researching and finding a cure for Anne, sister of Sebastian at various mystery locations.

Here tutorial is provided for completing the quest with ease. At the end of the quest, Harry Potter chases Sabastian towards the entrance hall or Catacombs leading to a vast conversation where minute clues related to the true pronunciation of Avada Kedavra are seen.

Key Points:

  • Find Sabastian Sallow
  • Help find a cure for Anne
  • Follow and chase Sabastian to Catacombs
  • Participate in dialogues
  • Learn Avada Kedavra Spell

Where can we use Avada Kedavra Spell?

It is known, Avada Kedavra will be mostly used on various villains and bosses during battles but players can’t use the same spell to attack students or friendly people as the game restricts such actions which they thought would be meaningful. Another important point to remember is that each spell takes respawn time to work again. Meaning it goes off once cast and needs to be waited before using again. This makes it more valuable (mostly used against a powerful enemy like Lord Voldemort)

Since the storyline is big enough to bring an enthusiastic feeling to gamers, all the necessary techniques or information would automatically be discovered in the game itself. Best of luck to begin the magical journey to Hogwarts with your flying broomstick for never-ending adventures, hunting for bitter truths in Hogwarts, and much more.

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